Mental Peace and Security for you with Care International Security

CIS is the international company specializing in people-based protection services, combining technology and knowledge.

Institutions such as schools, universities and hospitals need a security solution for an open campus in an area of high crime. Care International Security combines technological methods to give greater protection to students, teachers and staff. You should not worry about security, CIS gives you peace of mind.

The presence of a vital, alert security force will reduce the potential for crime. An experienced force can analyze a situation and is prepared to handle almost any predicament. Security offers highly trained Unarmed and Armed Guards for all your protection needs.

Our standards are high so that we recruit and retain the best security professionals in the business. You can rest assured that your business’ security is in good hands when you hire Care International Security.
we can provide residential construction or government agency. Care International Security staff have the experience in providing security services to government agency.

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